The main advantages of Levitra (Vardenafil). What is the characteristic of ideal medicine for treating erectile dysfunction? Polls, conducted by the leading European pharmaceutical concern Bayer AG, showed that the most important characteristics of these medicines, according to men, are reliability, high efficiency, short time between taking and the beginning of its effect, ease of use and absolute safety. And it should be noted that pharmacists of Bayer AG managed and developed just a perfect cure: a medicine Levitra, which now can be found in every pharmacy and every man can buy Levitra to make his sexual life normal and active. If you do not believe that Levitra is really the most effective medicine against ED, please, read the following interesting items and make a conclusion – to buy or not to buy Levitra.



1. Reliability and effectiveness of Levitra exceeds all analogs that have the same mechanism of action. Modern medicines which treat erectile dysfunction, work by blocking the PDE-5 (the most important enzyme phosphodiesterase of fifth type). Blocking of this enzyme causes an intensive flow of blood to the penis, and thus provides an excellent erection.
So, vardenafil (the main ingredient of Levitra) is ten times more effective than sildenafil (the main ingredient of Viagra) and is thirteen times more effective than tadalafil (the main ingredient of Cialis)! This highest effectiveness provides the possibility to have a normal sexual life. After taking Levitra, more than ninety percent of men who previously had problems with erectile dysfunction, does not suffer these problems anymore.

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Moreover, Levitra is perfect even for men with a severe form of diabetes and for most of those whom Viagra did not help. The high efficiency of the medicine provides by a tiny dose of tadalafil (just 10 mg), which contains one pill of Levitra.

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2. Levitra works rapidly, it is amazing. Many men all over the world, who have problems in sexual life, note that Levitra works in ten minutes after taking this medicine.

3. Ease of use of Levitra is its duration. The longer the duration, the more spontaneous sex a man may have, so both partners fell less constrained. In this regard Levitra is much ahead than Viagra. The duration of Levitra is 6-8 hours; it is nearly twice more than the duration of Viagra.

4. The effectiveness and reliability of such medicines as Levitra sometimes are questionable. «If this medicine is so strong, it is likely has many side effects», – many men think sometimes. We have already mentioned that Levitra works only with one type of enzyme phosphodiesterase (PDE-5). But enzyme phosphodiesterase influences on functioning not only of sexual organs: for example, PDE-6 functions in the retina and PDE-11 influences on functioning of muscle tissue.

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Sexual stimulants of poor quality can block many enzymes, causing such effects as tremor of muscle or malfunction of view (after taking such a medicine a man can see everything in blue or green colours). Vardenafil (the main component of Levitra) is chosen from thousands of its analogues because of its superior selectivity, which provides the highest security standards.
So if you have problems with potency and you need a perfect product, look for a pack of Levitra. Besides, now you have not need to go to the drugstore and buy Levitra, it is possible to do via Internet. The price of this medicine is affordable, so every man, who has problems of sexual character, may buy Levitra and use it, when he wants to have really good sex. But in spite of Levitra has few side effects, it is better to consult your doctor to prevent negative consequences after taking this medicine.